Aussiedoodle Breed: The Popular Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Meet the Aussiedoodle breed, a captivating blend of the Australian Shepherd’s intelligence and energy with the Poodle’s hypoallergenic charm. This unique crossbreed has gained immense popularity among dog lovers worldwide. In this blog, we’ll explore the Aussiedoodle’s history, distinctive traits, and why it’s become a cherished addition to numerous households.

Whether you’re thinking of welcoming one into your home or just curious about this charming breed, join us as we uncover what makes the Aussiedoodle so irresistible to so many.

Aussiedoodle: Known For Their Loyalty And Affection

Aussiedoodle Breed Puppy

The Aussiedoodle breed, also known as the Aussiepoo or Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix, is a popular breed that has gained significant recognition in the United States. With origins tracing back to Europe, the Australian Shepherd breed was refined in Australia before reaching the US. On the other hand, the Poodle breed originated in Germany, initially bred as duck hunters and later becoming popular among French nobles.

The relatively new Aussiedoodle breed comes in various sizes. Their coats display a mix of beautiful colors and can range from straight to curly. While they are sometimes promoted as hypoallergenic, this depends on individual genetics. With a lifespan of 10-12 years, Aussiedoodles may be prone to common health issues of both Australian Shepherds and Poodles.

Aussiedoodles are known for their loyalty and affection towards their families and often get along well with children and other pets. It’s important to address their natural herding tendency during training. To keep them happy and healthy, it is recommended to take them on two walks a day and provide at least one hour of exercise. While the Aussiedoodle is popular, alternatives like the Australian Labradoodle and Cavapoo offer unique qualities worth considering.

Origins and Popularity

Origin of the Australian Shepherd Breed

The Australian Shepherd breed originated in Europe and was refined in Australia before reaching the United States. These doodle dogs were initially used as working dogs on ranches, helping with herding livestock. Their intelligence, agility, and strong work ethic made them highly sought after by farmers and ranchers.

Origin of the Poodle Breed

The Poodle breed, on the other hand, has its origins in Germany. Originally bred as duck hunters, Poodles were known for their excellent swimming skills. As time passed, the breed gained popularity among French nobles and became a favorite companion in the royal courts. Poodles possess a distinctive curly coat that is stylish and practical in the water.

Introduction of the Aussiedoodle Breed

The Aussiedoodle breed is a relatively new addition to designer breeds. Also known as the Aussiepoo or the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix, this breed came about by crossing an Australian Shepherd with a Poodle. The goal was to create a dog that would inherit the desirable qualities of both parent breeds, such as intelligence, agility, and loyalty.

Popularity of the Aussiedoodle in the United States

The Aussiedoodle has gained significant popularity in the United States in recent years. Their charming looks, friendly temperament, and family compatibility make them attractive to dog lovers. The breed’s versatility in various living situations, from urban apartments to rural homes, has further contributed to its popularity.

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Physical Characteristics

Size Variations

The size of an Aussiedoodle can vary depending on the size of the Poodle parent. There are three main size variations: toy, mini, and standard. Toy Aussiedoodles weigh between 10 and 15 pounds and stand around 10 to 12 inches tall. Mini Aussiedoodles typically weigh between 15 and 35 pounds and stand around 12 to 16 inches tall. Standard Aussiedoodles are larger, weighing between 35 and 70 pounds and standing approximately 16 to 23 inches tall. This size variability allows prospective owners to choose the size that best suits their lifestyle and living arrangements.

Coat Colors and Types

The Aussiedoodle breed is known for its beautiful coats in various colors and types. The coat is typically a mix of two or more colors, including black, brown, red, blue, and white. Some Aussiedoodles may have a solid coat color, while others may have a combination of colors in a merle or parti pattern. Another notable characteristic of the Aussiedoodle’s coat is its texture. The coat can range from straight to wavy to curly, depending on the influence of the Poodle parent.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

One aspect that attracts prospective owners to the Aussiedoodle breed is the belief that they may be hypoallergenic. While it is true that Poodles are considered hypoallergenic due to their low-shedding and dander-free coats, not all Aussiedoodles inherit this trait. The degree of hypoallergenic qualities in an Aussiedoodle will vary depending on their genetics. Those with allergies need to spend time with the specific dog they are considering to determine if they react adversely.


Health and Lifespan

Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of the Aussiedoodle breed is typically around 10 to 12 years. However, it is essential to remember that individual dogs may have different lifespans depending on various factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, and overall health care. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and routine veterinary check-ups can help maximize the lifespan of an Aussiedoodle.

Common Health Problems

As with any dog breed, the Aussiedoodle breed may be prone to specific health issues. Potential owners must know these conditions and take appropriate measures to ensure their dog’s well-being. Common health problems affecting Aussiedoodles include hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), epilepsy, allergies, and skin infections. Regular veterinary care, proper nutrition, and an active lifestyle can help minimize the risk of these health issues.

Personality Traits

Intelligence and Trainability

Aussiedoodles are known for their high intelligence and trainability. They are quick learners and excel in obedience training and agility competitions. Their intelligence can sometimes lead to them outsmarting their owners, so providing consistent and positive reinforcement-based training methods is essential. Mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys and interactive games, is vital to keep their active minds engaged.

Need for Mental Stimulation and Exercise

Due to their intelligence and high energy levels, Aussiedoodles require plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. They may become bored and exhibit destructive behaviors without proper mental and physical outlets. Providing them with challenging toys, interactive playtime, and daily exercise is essential for their well-being. Long walks, hikes, and games of fetch are great ways to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Loyalty and Affection

The Aussiedoodle breed is incredibly loyal and affectionate towards their families. They form strong bonds with their human companions and thrive on being included in family life. They enjoy being a part of activities and are often referred to as “velcro dogs” because of their desire to be close to their loved ones. Their loyalty and affection make them excellent family pets and companions.

Compatibility with Children and Other Pets

The Aussiedoodle breed is known for its friendly and social nature, making them compatible with children and pets. They are generally patient and gentle with kids and can be an excellent playmate for them. Proper socialization from a young age is important to ensure positive and respectful interactions with other pets. Supervision is always recommended when introducing any dog to children or other animals.

Herding Tendency

Since the Australian Shepherd parent breed has a strong herding instinct, Aussiedoodles can exhibit the same tendency. This instinct may manifest in nipping, chasing, circling, or herding small children or other pets. Early socialization and training can help channel and manage this natural inclination, ensuring that it does not become a problem behavior.

Exercise and Training Requirements

Recommended Exercise

Aussiedoodles are an active breed that requires regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental well-being. Daily walks, runs, or play sessions are necessary to keep them calm and content. Aussiedoodles thrive in environments with ample space to roam and explore, making them well-suited for homes with yards or access to open spaces. Providing them with mental stimulation through training sessions and interactive toys is essential to prevent boredom.

Training Tips

Training an Aussiedoodle can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them quick learners. Positive reinforcement training methods, such as treats and praise, are highly effective for this breed. Consistency and patience are key, as Aussiedoodles can be sensitive to changes in their routine. Early socialization and obedience training are crucial to help them develop into well-rounded and obedient dogs.

Alternative Breeds

Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle is another popular breed that shares similarities with the Aussiedoodle. Like the Aussiedoodle, the Australian Labradoodle is a crossbreed that combines the traits of the Labrador Retriever, Poodle, and sometimes other breeds. They are known for their friendly and sociable nature, intelligence, and hypoallergenic coat. Australian Labradoodles are often used as therapy dogs due to their calm temperament and gentle nature.


Another alternative breed is the Cavapoo, a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Cavapoos are small, affectionate, and known for their friendly disposition. They are an excellent choice for individuals or families seeking a compact companion dog with a hypoallergenic coat. Cavapoos thrive on human companionship and make excellent therapy dogs or emotional support animals.


In conclusion, the Aussiedoodle breed combines the best qualities of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle breeds. They are brilliant, loyal, and affectionate companions who love mental stimulation and exercise. While they may have some health considerations, their overall temperament and adaptability make them a popular choice for dog lovers. If you’re considering an Aussiedoodle, be prepared to provide them with the mental and physical stimulation they need to thrive. And don’t forget to cherish the unique bond and endless love these delightful dogs will bring to your life.